Picture Books to Share!

Picture Books to Share!

March 4th at 1PM EST

Gather Together to Enjoy These Lovely Books!

Join Books of Wonder in getting to know these sweet books, full of heart, adventure, and love! 

You won't want to miss: 

  • Quiet Time with My Seeya by DINALIE DABARERAA lush and endearing picture book about a young girl and the special days she spends with her Seeya, despite their language barrier.

  • The Night Frolic by JULIE BERRY. This mythological, Sendak-inspired romp to the top of the world and back home again is a bedtime classic-in-the-making. This exquisite, immersive bedtime fantasy will mesmerize dreamers young and old!

  • You Are Loved: A Book About Families by MARGARET O’HAIR and inspired by SOFIA SANCHEZ. This heartwarming book highlights the important message that families aren’t just the people you live with. They include the people in your school, your community, and the people you choose who love you and empower you just the way you are!

Saturday, March 4th at 1PM EST via Crowdcast

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