Picture Book Joy!

Picture Book Joy!

March 5th at 1PM EST

Cherish These Sweet Titles!

Join Books of Wonder in enjoying these lovely books, perfect for sharing with your young readers!

Join us to check out: 

  • Moon's Ramadan by NATASHA KHAN KAZI. A lyrical and delightfully illustrated modern classic about Ramadan, one of the world’s most widely celebrated holidays. Cleverly blending glimpses of different countries’ celebrations with the corresponding phases of the moon, Moon’s Ramadan makes Ramadan accessible and exciting for all readers!

  • Ari Arranges Everything by KATIE VERNONFor as long as anyone can remember, Ari has loved arranging things. From blocks to flowers to produce to unicorn toys, each arrangement feels perfect—though maybe not for everyone. But when Ari sets out to create the ultimate arrangement at the zoo, things don’t go quite as planned. Will Ari finally figure out the secret to arranging (or perhaps not arranging) everything in this humorous and delightful story?

  • I Have a Question by ANDREW ARNOLD. For Stevie, speaking up in class can be scary. So when Ms. Gail asks, “Are there any questions?,” Stevie looks around the classroom, hoping someone will raise their hand. But no one does. No one has a single question. Except Stevie. Wonderfully funny and mightily empowering — this tale will inspire anyone who has ever felt too shy, too silly or too afraid to raise their hand.

  • Bark Ship Bonnie by STEPHANIE STAIB. Bonnie lass, bark sailor on a bark ship cast off, set sail, chase sea tales, befriend whales, scope islands, outwit squalls, and make it home in time to slip back into the slip and sleep, in this delightfully salty tale of a girl, her dog, and a boat.

Sunday, March 5th at 1PM EST via Crowdcast!

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