Quiet Time with My Seeya


Author: Dinalie Dabarera


*Signed Bookplates*

A lush and endearing picture book about a young girl and the special days she spends with her Seeya, despite their language barrier.

Time that this child spends with her Seeya, grandfather in Sinhalese, is quiet. They speak different languages and can't communicate with words. But they communicate in other ways.

Together, they play dress-up, stomp in puddles, and go on adventures. They make pittu, tease each other when they're messy, and read to each other, even though they don't always understand what the other is saying. Because what matters is the time they spend together, and the love that they share.

Dinalie Dabarera's debut picture book is an achingly tender meditation on the unconditional love between a grandparent and grandchild.