Picture Books to Share!

Picture Books to Share!

February 26th at 1PM EST

Sweet Titles That Feel like a Hug!

In these three titles, we'll join a young boy as he learns to embrace his passion and pick himself back up after falling, then join a pair of sisters in cherishing a sweet item full of memories left to them by their grandmother, and finally, meet Sleepy Sheepy, a sheep that simply does not want to go to sleep!  

You won't want to miss: 

  • Wei Skates On by NATHAN CHEN and LORRAINE NAM

    Wei has loved ice skating ever since his first visit to the rink, there’s nothing else like it! Now Wei’s first big competition is coming up. He’s very excited and he’s been training hard. But what if he doesn’t win? The nearer the big day gets, the more anxious Wei feels, and the more mistakes he begins to make on the ice. With help from Mom, can Wei find a way to handle his nerves? And what would it feel like to skate without the pressure of winning? The inspirational debut picture book from Olympic gold medalist and figure skating champion NATHAN CHEN!

  • A Gift of Feathers by KEN SCHEPT.

    When she finds a feather, Grandma Dot adds it to her collection. Feathers, she tells her two granddaughters, remind Grandma Dot of people she’s lost. At first, the girls see the feathers as fun to play with. But soon, Grandma Dot’s feathers take on larger meanings of comfort, remembrance, and love. This affectionate, hopeful story will inspire readers of all ages to make memories and traditions part of their own family stories.

  • Sleepy Sheepy by LUCY RUTH CUMMINS. 
    From critically acclaimed author LUCY RUTH CUMMINS and Pete Oswald, New York Times bestselling illustrator of The Sour Grape, comes a rhyming bedtime tale featuring brand new picture book character Sleepy Sheepy, a sheep who is definitely NOT sleepy! Despite his name, Sleepy Sheepy is NOT sleepy. He'd much rather build with blocks or knit socks than go to sleep. Will Ma and Pa Sheepy ever get their sheepy to go to sleepy?

Sunday, February 26th at 1PM EST via Crowdcast!

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