Great YA Graphic Reads

Great YA Graphic Reads

May 31st at 6PM ET

Grab Your Copies of These Great Graphic Novels!

With witches, freshmen, fandoms, and more, these new YA graphic novels are sure to knock your socks off! 

Tune in for:

  • Young Hag and the Witches' Quest by ISABEL GREENBERG. After growing up in a Britain without magic, and then tragedy strikes, Young Hag turns her back on magic. Until one night, when she discovers a changeling in the forest. Her subsequent journey to return it and bring magic back to Britain will have a greater impact that she could have ever imagined.

  • Freshman Year by SARAH MAI. Sarah is leaving for college, and has high hopes for the future, but what seems manageable at first quickly unravels! Soon, she's overwhelmed by the freedom, the isolation, and all the possibilities that await in this brand new environment. Everyone gets a fresh start. Who do you want to be? 

  • Sunhead by ALEX ASSANRotem doesn't have many friends, but that's okay, because she has her favorite book series for company. Until she meets Ayala, who loves the books, too! The two become fast friends, and as their connection deepens Rotem begins to wonder, is there something more there?
  • 49 Days by AGNES LEEGotta get up. Gotta keep moving. This map – it says I have to cross over here. Wait, what’s that…? In Buddhist tradition, a person must travel for forty-nine days after they die, before they can fully cross over. In 49 Days, readers travel with Kit, a Korean American girl, on her journey, while also spending time with her family and friends left behind.

Friday, May 31st at 6PM ET via Crowdcast!

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