Launch | Louder Than Words by Ashley Woodfolk & Lexi Underwood

Launch | Louder Than Words by Ashley Woodfolk & Lexi Underwood

June 3rd at 6PM ET
17th Street Location

 The Past Has a Way of Catching Up to You...

From New York Times bestselling author ASHLEY WOODFOLK and acclaimed actress LEXI UNDERWOOD comes Louder Than Words, an insightful depiction of the power of art as protest. In an era where mistakes can be picked over endlessly online, who is worthy of forgiveness? Can someone ever really change?

In Louder Than Words, when Jordyn transfers to Edgewood High, she swears that she's going to turn over a new leaf, leaving behind what she did and the person she was at her old school. But when she arrives, everyone already seems to know who she is. Despite that, she makes friends, and everything is actually going really well, she even meets a boy. But all that changes when a podcast comes out of the woodwork and exposes Edgewood students, ruining their reputations and even their futures. Jordyn takes it upon herself to take the podcast down, in an effort to prove that she's really changed. But this then turns the podcast's attention fully on her, and she's got her own secrets to hide...

Monday, June 3rd at 6PM ET at Our 17th St Store!

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