May Picture Book Bonanza

May Picture Book Bonanza

May 25th at 2PM ET

Terrific Picture Books You're Sure to Enjoy!

 A new puppy, a difficult classmate, and a big move are all big deals in a child's life, and this picture book panel has it all! 

Tune in for:

  • Do You Even Know Me? by REEM FARUQISalma is proud to be Muslim, but not everyone understands Salma’s religion the way she does, including a boy in her class, who bullies Salma for belonging to the culture and faith she loves. However, when things go too far, Salma finds the courage to defend herself.

  • The Monster Job by FAITH TEOPE. The four monster siblings couldn't be more different, but they all agree on one thing: they need a family puppy! When their mom is hesitant to adopt one, the siblings concoct a plan to convince her, and, with some creativity, the siblings discover clever strategies that help them get what they truly want!

  • Being Home by TRACI SORELLToday is a day of excitement — it’s time to move! As a young Cherokee girl and her mom take the road trip to their new home, she draws the changing landscape outside her window. She looks forward to the end of the journey, where she'll eat the feast her family has prepared and settle into the new rhythm of home.

Saturday, May 25th at 2PM ET via Crowdcast!

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