Great Graphic Novels for Middle Grade

Great Graphic Novels for Middle Grade

June 25th at 4PM ET

Graphic Novels You Can't Put Down! 

Filled with hilarious antics, self-discovery, and fantastical mayhem  you won't want to miss this exciting virtual graphic novel panel! Join us online to meet these scene-stealing protagonists: genius middle school Travis who's always struggled to make friends, Shakti, an Indian American girl who must harness the power of her ancestral magic, Garvey who discovers his voice through the power of music, and Feng-Li, who's just moved from Taiwan to California! 


  • Travis Daventhorpe for the Win! by WES MOLEBASH. Disheartened by a failed attempt to befriend the new kid in school, Travis goes on a test flight with his robot Travbot. But a malfunction has Travis taking a nosedive into the woods... where he discovers a legendary sword and an ancient prophecy!

  • Shakti by SJ SINDU. As the new kid in town, Shakti is targeted by the meanest girls in school. When Shakti discovers her three bullies casting spells in the woods, she tries to summon the kindhearted god Durga Ma to stop them but ends up summoning Kali Ma the destroyer instead! Can Shakti fix her mistake before people get hurt?
  • Garvey's Choice illustrated by THEODORE TAYLOR III. Garvey feels like he's a disappointment to his father, who's always wanted him to be an athlete. When his only friend encourages him to join the school chorus, Garvey discovers his voice — and himself. He also finds a way to finally reach his distant father — by speaking the language of music.
  • Parachute Kids by BETTY C. TANG. Feng-Li can’t wait to discover America with her family! But after an action-packed vacation, her parents deliver shocking news: They are returning to Taiwan and leaving Feng-Li and her older siblings in California on their own. Suddenly, the three kids must fend for themselves in a strange new world will their family survive the distance?

Sunday, June 25th at 4:00PM EST via Crowdcast

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