Travis Daventhorpe for the Win!


Author: Wes Molebash


Illustrator: Wes Molebash

*Signed Bookplate*

Hilo meets The Last Kids on Earth in the first volume of this hilarious fantasy-scifi graphic novel series!

Middle schooler Travis Daventhorpe may be a genius, but he's always struggled to make friends. After his attempt to befriend the new kid Juniper Reyes results in an epic fail, Travis cheers himself up by taking his sentient robot, Travbot, out for a test flight. But when his robot malfunctions, Travis and Travbot take a nosedive into the woods. There they discover a legendary sword, a warrior from another dimension, and a mysterious prophecy: Travis Daventhorpe is destined to save the multiverse!

From debut graphic novelist Wes Molebash comes the first volume of a pun-filled, geeky, sci-fi fantasy adventure series. Join Travis as he dodges bullies, forges friendships, and perfects his science fair project, all while trying to fulfill his magical destiny!