Graphic Novels for First Readers

Graphic Novels for First Readers

June 24th at 1PM ET

Graphic Novels Galore!

Fans of graphic novels won't want to miss this fun-filled virtual graphic novel event featuring titles perfect for young readers ages 7 to 9 (and, of course, beyond)! Here, we'll follow the antics of two feline best friends, decide one middle schooler's fate in a choose-your-adventure, celebrate with two partying pups, help a Viking save the day, and meet Duck and his pals who know they are the coolest of them all!


  • Cat & Cat Adventures: Journey into Unibear City by SUSIE YI. Furry pals Squash and Ginny are at it again with a brand-new mission to investigate a mysterious slim running rampant through the forest! Can they get to the bottom of suspenseful eco-mystery?
  • What Happens Next?: Talent Show Troubles by JESS SMART SMILEY. Will Megan run the Sunbright Middle School's talent show smoothly or right into the ground? You decide! With animals running wild, classmates turning into zombies and villainous vice principals, it's up to readers to choose the right path and save the day! 
  • One Cool Duck #1: King of Cool by MIKE PETRIK. Duck and Cat are both really cool but Cat... isn't so nice. When Cat gets stuck up a tree and needs saving, Duck and his pals show Cat that being cool means helping your friends, too!

  • Pepper and Boo: Paws Up for Joy! by CHARISE MERICLE HARPER. Pepper and Boo are two dogs who love to celebrate. What could be more special than a day in the house without the Cat! The Cat knows about special things too, and that they can be found everywhere! At the end of the day there is one last surprise - the feeling of family.

  • Press Start: Super Viking Land! by THOMAS FLINTHAM. Sunny’s dad enters Super World as none other than King Viking himself! In order to get off a faraway island, King Viking has to become the HERO! But Dad is not very good at playing the game, so will King Viking be able to save the day and defeat the island monster? And where does Super Rabbit Boy show up in this zany adventure?

Saturday, June 24th at 1:00PM EST via Crowdcast

For all Books of Wonder events, we expect all participants to maintain a family friendly atmosphere, inclusive of respect and fairness. Anyone who violates this standard of behavior, including engaging in any form of harassment, inappropriate language, or disruptive conduct, will, at our discretion, be immediately removed.