Fun Chapter Book Reads!

Fun Chapter Book Reads!

Saturday, September 3rd at 3:00PM EST

Entertaining Episodes in Middle Grade Chapter Book Stories!

Catch the impossible!

Whether it's the episodes of a classroom where kids turn into animals for the day, the close encounters of a stray cat learning to survive on the streets, or even the tales of walking and talking Popcorn Bob, these buoyant middle grade books feature heroes that brave their doubts— whiskers and kernels first!

You and your young readers will have a blast with these charming reads! We are so delighted to host KATHRYN HOLMESGARRET WEYR, MARANKE RINCK and their books as follows:

  • Madison Morris Is NOT a Mouse! by KATHRYN HOLMES! Madison tries her best to spread joy and be helpful, even when people like her Great-Aunt Joelle think that she can't do anything right.  As she starts to wonder if she isn't really cut out to be a school leader or change-maker, something strange happens: Madison turns into a mouse! Will she overcome all of her prickly, whiskery insecurities by the time the school bell rings?

  • Harvey and the Collection of Impossible Things by GARRET WEYR! For city strays, life on the streets can be unforgiving, and it takes more than a little courage to get by. Harvey, a stray cat struggling to survive, is searching for a home of his own — one that's safe and dry, with a view of the sky. But when the unexpected kindness of one woman saves him from the harsh city elements, he is forced to rethink what makes a home and who, if anyone, he can count on.

  • NEW: Popcorn Bob 3: In America by MARANKE RINCKEllis, Dante, and Popcorn Bob are on an important top-secret mission in America. When Popcorn Bob last escaped the clutches of Coraline Corn (the evil owner of Popcorn & Co.), she said that there are more live popcorn kernels in America – just like Bob! Can it be true? And why are all of Bob's popcorn fellows stuck in a chicken coop... ?

Saturday, August 3rd at 3:00PM EST via Crowdcast!

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