Harvey and the Collection of Impossible Things


Author: Garret Weyr


Illustrator: Minnie Phan

*Signed Bookplates!*

If you're reading this, I don't trust you.

You see, humans are sometimes kind to me. Some sweet ladies say hi to anyone they meet on the street. One human always saved me bakery treats. But just as often, humans are not kind to those like me — stray cats. Many people think I'm dirty (which I am not). Some think I'm a nuisance, to be kicked or played with.

My mother taught me to be cautious, thoughtful, and kind. I am good at those things. But she also taught me to be brave. And that's something I needed a lot of help with.

Are you ready?

For city strays, life on the streets can be unforgiving. When every day is filled with territorial animals, fast-moving traffic, and aggressive boys with sticks, it takes more than a little courage to get by. Harvey, a stray cat struggling to survive, is searching for a home of his own—one that's safe and dry, with a view of the sky. But when the unexpected kindness of one woman saves him from the harsh city elements, he is forced to rethink what makes a home and who, if anyone, he can depend on. With the sage advice of Chester the dog and three talkative sparrows, Harvey will learn that trusting and helping others are some of the bravest things you can do.