September Picture Book Bonanza!

September Picture Book Bonanza!

Saturday, September 3rd at 1:00PM EST

Treasure the Warmth of an Imaginative Picture Book!

Discover your young reader's next favorite picture book!

Find the beauty, love and joys of nature all around us in this enticing collection of wonderful new picture books for you to share with your favorite young readers and listeners.

We are so excited to present these great picture books in our read-aloud virtual panel featuring the author/illustrators behind them! Don't miss your chance to see and hear the creators of:

  • Holding On by SOPHIA N. LEE and ISABEL ROXAS! Grandma Lola always says: “If you want to hold on, you gotta sing your songs.” And even when Lola starts slipping into silence and stillness as she ages, her granddaughter helps Lola hold on, piece by piece, with the joy and music that Lola taught her.

  • Sal Boat by THYRA HEDER! More than anything else, Sal wants a boat. And he knows just what it would look like. So he decides to build it himself, and he knows it'll be perfect. What Sal doesn't know is that any project, big or small, can only disembark with a little community help.
  • Brown is Warm, Black is Bright by SARAH L. THOMSON!  Have you ever paused to savor the power and beauty of brown and black? Discover how brown is strong as a tree and sweet as honey in tea; black is the hopeful promise of a seed and the grace of a bird in flight... and the quiet space where dreams begin.

  • One Hot Summer Day by NINA CREWS! Rejoice in your summer memories! No kid can resist a hot summer day filled with delights such as drawing chalk pictures on the pavement and playing on a swing... especially if the day is capped off with two grape popsicles plus a cooling rainstorm. 

  • Pip and Zip by ELANA K. ARNOLD, illustrated by DOUGSALATI! Find an amazing story about everyday nature! One family finds two abandoned duck eggs and are in for a big (and very cute) surprise when they eventually meet... Pip and Zip!

Saturday, September 3rd at 1:00PM EST via Crowdcast!

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