Great Middle Grade Launches!

Great Middle Grade Launches!

Sunday, September 4th at 12:00PM EST

Find Intrigue and Friendship in a Trio of Middle Grade Stories!

Meet three middle grade all-stars and their incredible new stories!

From the allies you rely on when you're face-to-face with assassins to the gaggle of friends you accidentally charm with a magic bracelet to the one girl who's your go-to when cheerleading tryout season hits, this Launch Event brings you amazing middle grade stories you and your young readers will enjoy reading again and again!

We are so delighted to host the following bestselling authors and friends of Books of Wonder: New York Times bestselling author SARAH MLYNOWSKI, two-time Newbery Honor Author CHRISTINA SOONTORNVAT, and New York Times bestselling author STUART GIBBS! Do join us for this splendid virtual discussion of their latest titles, featuring: 

  • Best Wishes by SARAH MLYNOWSKI When Hailey tells Becca she doesn't want to be friends anymore, Becca is devastated. But then Becca receives a beautiful bracelet, and a note that tells her to make a wish. So Becca wishes to have friends. Lots of friends. So many friends... The start of a brand new series!
  • The Tryout by CHRISTINA SOONTORNVAT! In this wonderful graphic novel from the author's life story, Christina is one of the only Asian American kids in her small Texas town and she just wants to fit in. Luckily, her best friend Megan is Iranian American and she totally relates. So when cheerleading tryouts are announced, Christina and Megan jump at the chance to join the squad... but can popularity really help them belong?
  • Spy School Project X by STUART GIBBS! Ben Ripley’s longtime nemesis, Murray Hill, has put a price on Ben’s head and accused him of being at the center of a conspiracy on the internet! Ben has to find Murray if he has any hope of clearing his name — but with so much at stake, even Ben’s most trusted friends aren't at the top of their game! Can Ben gather his forces and face his foes in time? The 10th title in this best-selling series!

Sunday, September 4th, at 12:00PM EST via Crowdcast!

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