Celebrate Spooky Middle Grade Reads!

Celebrate Spooky Middle Grade Reads!

September 6th at 6PM EST
17th Street Location

Ready... Set... BOO!

These chilling tales are sure to thrill! Meet a curious student who's just searching for a way to fit in... as well as the secrets to their mysterious new boarding school, and then join some adventurous kids as they brave not only the yearly zombie onslaught, but a changing world!

Join us in-store to discover: 

  • Deephaven by ETHAN ALDRIDGE. When Nev Tallow receives an acceptance letter to Deephaven Academy, an exclusive and secluded school, they know it’s the fresh start that they’ve been looking for.

    But things are strange from the moment they arrive — the house itself seems to breathe, and the entire east wing of the academy is off limits. And Nev knows something strange and ragged stalks the shadowy corridors, something that sobs quietly and scratches at the walls, waiting to be released. With the help of another first-year student, Nev takes it upon themself to unravel the mysteries hidden in Deephaven's halls. But will they risk their fresh start to bring the academy’s secret to light?

  • Zombie Season by JUSTIN WEINBERGER. It's a hard time to be in California. Every scorching summer brings the predictable disaster. Because every summer, catastrophe begins in the woods. Every summer, zombie season arrives. Joule refuses to evacuate with her mom. Her dad is still missing, and while she hopes he'll come home, she's scared he's become what she most fears. Regina is proud of her scientist parents, but when she discovers a dark underside to their new weapon to keep the zombies at bay, she must decide what matters most: her family's reputation... or saving lives. Oliver is sick of the now obsolete drills, because he knows that the zombies are growing faster and stronger than ever. But when the adults refuse to accept this scary truth, Oliver must find a way to sound the alarm: this year's zombie season is very, very different. Something has changed, and time is running out to stop it...

Wednesday, September 6th at 6PM EST at Our 17th St Store

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