Picture Books to Discover

Picture Books to Discover

August 27th at 1PM EST

Sweet Titles to Share!

These whimsical and wily books are perfect for a laugh! From a t-rex trying to fit in on a farm, to following along with a beautiful bird on its daily adventure, to a big, musical block party for everyone, these titles are great for sharing with those that you love! 

Tune in for:

  • Parker's Place by RUSS WILLMSIn order to fit in at the farm, Parker has to pull his weight - but he can’t lay eggs or give milk. Maybe the farmer’s chores will be better-suited to Parker’s strengths... if only he weren’t so big and clumsy! But might some farm animals know exactly where Parker’s place is?

  • You and the Bowerbird by MARIA GIANFERRARIJust on the edge of the rainforest, between your house and the trees, bowerbirds collect, pillage, and steal! They swoop through the air and creep around the forest floor, searching for pretty objects everywhere... Follow the Satin Bowerbird as he searches for the perfect welcome mat for his new home, in this delightfully colorful and action-packed nonfiction tale.

  • Bing, Bop, Bam: Time to Jam! by VALERIE BOLLING. A joyful, rhyming celebration of music and community follows nine children as they help plan a big musical block party. Sounds soar! Tunes galore. Music trance... Gotta dance!

  • Daddy & Me, Side by Side by PIERCE FREELON. A young son and his father trek through trees and listen to birdsong, dig for worms and go fishing, and enjoy the breeze sitting side by side, just like Pop Pop and Daddy did, years ago. Each day is a grand family adventure with the fathers and sons in this lyrical picture book filled with lush illustrations.

Sunday, August 27th at 1PM EST via Crowdcast!

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