Zombie Season


Author: Justin Weinberger


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You know the protocol. You've completed countless drills. Your go-bag is waiting by the door. Yet nothing can truly prepare you for what’s coming. No one is ever ready for zombie season...

It's a hard time to be in California. Every scorching summer brings the predictable disaster. Towns evacuated. Property destroyed. Lives on the line. Because every summer, catastrophe begins in the woods.

Every summer, zombie season arrives.

Joule refuses to evacuate with her mom. She can't leave town while her dad's still missing. He's out there, somewhere, and Joule is going to find him. But what if he's not just lost? What if he's become what she most fears?

Regina is proud of her scientist parents, especially now that they're working on a weapon to keep the zombies at bay. But when she discovers a dark underside to their new technology, she must decide what matters most: her family's reputation... or saving lives.

Oliver is sick of the drills. What's the point in pretending you can run and hide when it's clear the zombies are growing faster and stronger than ever? But when the adults refuse to accept this scary truth, Oliver must find a way to sound the alarm: this year's zombie season is very, very different. Something has changed, and time is running out to stop it...

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