Great YA Reads

Great YA Reads

August 22nd at 6PM EST

YA Fiction For All Tastes!

This event has activism, complicated love squares, and sibling rivalry down to a science, but what happens when things go further than you can handle? 

Tune in for: 

  • Your Plantation Prom is Not Okay by KELLY McWILLIAMSHarriet Douglass lives with her historian father on an old plantation in Louisiana, which they’ve transformed into one of the South's few enslaved people’s museums. But when mother/daughter influencer duo Claudia and Layla Hartwell arrive and plan to turn the property next door into a wedding venue, Harriet’s fully prepared to hate Layla. Turns out Layla isn't actually so bad, but when their school makes plans to host prom at Layla's, Harriet snaps. Can Harriet use the power of social media to cancel the plantation prom, while dealing with the frustrating reality that Americans seem to live in two completely different countries? And through it all, can she and Layla build a bridge between them?

  • Look No Further by RIOGHNACH ROBINSON and SÍOFRA ROBINSONWhen total opposites Niko and Ali are paired up for a genealogy project at their selective summer camp for art students in New York City, they're shocked to find they actually have a lot more in common than they bargained for. As the pair embark on a quest to uncover their shared history, Ali finds herself falling for her roommate, and surfer-bro Niko struggles to find his footing in the glamorous NYC art scene. Soon they’re both forced to question their preconceptions about the world, and each other.

  • The Girl Next Door by CECILIA VINESSE. Cleo was supposed to have it all. Attend film school with her boyfriend, Daniel. Become a film-making power couple. Take Hollywood by storm. But then he dumps her for the head cheerleader, Kiki, and when Daniel was dumping Cleo for Kiki, Kiki was dumping Marianne for Daniel. So to get back at their exes, Cleo and Marianne start fake dating each other to ignite a little chaos. But any movie buff knows that when you introduce fake dating in Act I, it’s going to get real by Act III. With more than love on the line, can Cleo script a happy ending for herself — or will she get her heart broken again?

  • As Long as We're Together by BRIANNA PEPPINS. Sixteen year-old Novah cares for her five younger siblings when her parents are at work, while her older sister Ariana is excused due to her volleyball scholarship potential. When a car accident takes their parents' lives and leaves the seven heartbroken kids on their own, Ariana, freshly eighteen, convinces the judge to give her temporary custody. If she can keep her family running smoothly, they'll get to stay in their home. If not, they'll be placed into foster care. Will the girls be able to keep it all together? Or will they be forced to say the hardest goodbyes of all?

Tuesday, August 22nd at 6PM EST via Crowdcast!

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