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My Car (Sale)

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Author: Byron Barton

Toddlers are continuously fascinated by the automobile. From the sound of the engine to the proper care and keep of a car. This spectacular machine loses its mystique as we grow older, but Byron Barton's vibrant picture book just may rekindle your -- and your child's -- love of the auto.

Using a very bold color palette with smooth lines and short text, My Car introduces young readers to Sam. Sam loves his car and proceeds to show how to take care of it, from changing the oil to getting gas. Sam also explains that cars have lights to see at night. Of course, he always follows traffic laws. In one happily busy scene, Barton shows Sam in his compact red car sitting in heavy traffic. And what does Sam do for a living? Drive a bus, of course!

This wonderfully vivacious picture book offers youngsters a look at ownership, responsibility, and possibility -- and the whole while, they are having fun! From Sam's easy demeanor and dialogue to the colorful illustrations, Barton confirms that the car is a wondrous thing.



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