YA Summer Romance

YA Summer Romance

July 5th, 6:00PM EST

Fall Fast, Fall Hard: Find Your Teen's Favorite Summer Romance!

A lightning-fast crush can change everything you thought you knew about your dreams, not to mention yourself — oh, god. Dreamy teen readers and company, we feel it. Might we suggest this Books of Wonder panel for summer crushes of every genre?

From bittersweet romances to sugary rom-coms, big love hits everyone differently! Kickstart this season of YA romance with:

  • The Charmed List by JULIE ABE, in which wallflower Ellie Kobata takes on a magical summer adventure that brings her heart-to-heart with a boy she thought she hated;

  • The Edge of Summer by ERICA GEORGE, a healing story of whale-watching and friends lost-and-found, where highschooler Coriander Cabot wonder if she's allowed to fall for a summer crush after tragedy strikes;

  • Gabe in the After by SHANNON DOLESKI, a wonderous post apocalyptic island story about Gabe's troop of childhood pandemic survivors, and the strange new girl he adores  who makes him wonder if world-repair is possible;

  • A Disaster in Three Acts by KELSEY RODKEY, a banter-rife school romance about all the tension of documentary filmmaking when the subject is an ex to end all exes!

As always, don't forget to order your favorite reader a signed copy of our panel selections before the YA Summer Romance event! Simply tap each link above, and stock up on these delicious love stories today.

We can't wait to see you soon! 

Join us on Tuesday, June 5th at 6:00PM EST via Crowdcast!

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