Gabe in the After


Author: Shannon Doleski



Post-apocalyptic bearings first, first-crushes second. It’s fourteen-year-old Gabe Sweeney’s day to check for survivors, and he has no idea what's about to hit him. 

Two years after a global pandemic, twenty survivors (most of them children) have relocated from their coastal Maine island full of sad memories to a mansion on a small, neighboring island, where they share farm chores, and start a makeshift school.

When Gabe and his dog Mud find a mysterious girl alone on the mainland, they are instantly compelled. Her name is Relle Douglas  — and they take the strange new girl across the channel to live with them. 

Relle changes the island with her hopeful attitude. She tells big stories and makes plans for activities like talent shows. Despite a growing crush, Gabe doesn’t quite understand the point of it all; why have a talent show at the end of the world? But when tragedy strikes, Gabe sets out on a dangerous journey to try and find other survivors where the world might be normal. Like Before. 

Lightly inspired by Anne of Green GablesGabe in the After is a moving and heartfelt story about the end of the world — and what perseveres through it.