A Disaster in Three Acts


Author: Kelsey Rodkey



Devour the next irresistible love/hate YA from rom-com genius Kelsey Rodkey!

Saine Sinclair knows a little something about what makes a story worth telling.

On the cusp of applying for one of the country's most prestigious film schools, her documentary subject bails, and she's forced to rely on her childhood frenemy — Holden Michaels, the ex to end all exes. (AKA: the dreaded ex of her current best friend. Yikes.)

Why is he always around? Saine hates to admit it, but the drama that follows Holden's every footstep would be worth more than a hate-watch. Maybe, just maybe, he's the ticket to her success. Yet there's something about Holden that makes her feel like she's the one in front of the camera  — like he can see every uncomfortable truth she's buried below the surface.

Saine knows how her story's supposed to go. So why does every moment with Holden seem intent on changing the ending?

Inconvenient crushes abound in Kelsey Rodkey's newest love story that will make you laugh, cringe, and feel all the things, all at once.