YA Romance for Valentine's Day

YA Romance for Valentine's Day

February 13th at 6PM ET

Love in Unlikely Places, What More Could You Want?

These books are sure to tug on your heartstrings, just in time for Valentine's Day! Join us virtually to fall in love with these YA books meant to steal your heart!

Tune in for:

  • A Fragile Enchantment by ALLISON SAFTNiamh knows that she doesn't have long left to live, and has contented herself with her small dressmaking career. When the neighboring kingdom hires her for the royal wedding, she's shocked by not only by the opportunity, but by the forbidden but irresistible romance budding between her and the prince. But when a gossip columnist threatens to expose them, Niamh must fight for a future she never let herself dream of, and a love she never thought possible.

  • I Hope This Doesn't Find You by ANN LIANG. Sadie is the perfect student on paper: Valedictorian and school co-captain (with the most arrogant guy ever, Julius). She's just able to keep her model-student smile by channeling all her frustrations into her email drafts, which she'd never send of course... Then they accidentally are! As Sadie's world is turned upside down when her "real self" is revealed, there's one person who sticks by her  Julius, the boy she's sworn to hate...

  • If I Promise You Wings by A. K. SMALL. Alix and her best friend Jeanne have a plan: take Paris by storm as its new star artists. But then Jeanne dies, and Alix is crushed. She decides to live her life as Jeanne would have lived hers, and soon finds all of her dreams coming true, including not just one, but two romances with beautiful boys. But though living like Jeanne has given Alix all she's ever wanted, she must decide whether to keep hiding in Jeanne’s shadow or soar on her own wings.

  • ASAP by AXIE OH. Sori’s always wanted to be a Kpop idol… until she doesn’t anymore. As she struggles with keeping up her perfect idol persona, the last thing Sori needs is to deal with her ex-boyfriend and fellow K-pop star, Nathaniel. But when Nathaniel finds himself rocked by scandal, Sori can’t help but reach out a helping hand – even if it spells disaster for herself.

  • Yours From the Tower by SALLY NICHOLLS. Tirzah, Sophia, and Polly are three best friends who’ve left boarding school and gone back to very different lives. The year is 1896, and Polly is teaching in an orphanage, Sophia is scouting for a rich husband at the London Season, and Tirzah is stuck acting as an unpaid companion to her grandmother. Told in the letters they send each other, we follow along to find out if this trio of very different young women find happiness and love near the dawn of the Edwardian era.

Tuesday, February 13th at 6PM ET via Crowdcast!

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