Great Middle Grade Reads

Great Middle Grade Reads

March 14th at 6PM ET
17th Street Location

Heartwarming New Books to Share!

Join us in-store to discover these terrific new titles that are full of heart, courage, and self-discovery (and dogs and chocolate chip cookies!)!

Stop in to check out:

  • Walkin' the Dog by CHRIS LYNCHWhen Louis, a laid-back homeschooled boy accidentally starts a dog-walking business, he learns how to stop being a lone wolf and be part of a pack, and what it really means to be a friend — from man's best friend.
  • Maybe It's a Sign by E. L. SHEN. After her father passes away, Freya starts seeing signs from him everywhere. She especially sees ones showing his approval that she's still practicing music. But when a school project shows her that she loves baking even more than music, she no longer sees any signs from him. With the help of family and a new friend, Freya learns that to be her own person, she might just have to make her own luck.

  • The World Divided by Piper by CAELA CARTER. Despite being diagnosed with early-onset puberty, eleven-year-old Piper is way too busy to grow up. So, when her doctor decides it’s time for her treatment to end, Piper’s eyes are opened to a completely new world, one that's way more difficult. How is she supposed to balance the new experiences of puberty, studying for the decathlon, and growing up? With a little friendship and a lot of female solidarity, Piper might just make it happen.

  • Lost Kites and and Other Treasures by CATHY CARRTwelve-year-old Franny thinks more often than she would like of the charismatic, troubled mom who left her years ago, along the unaccountable things Mom did while she was still in the picture. Life with Nana is safe and secure, and Franny’s innovative art projects keep her company. But when Nana has an accident and Franny’s estranged uncle comes home to help out for a while, Franny has to reach deep down to come to terms with the discoveries she makes about her mother — and herself.

  • Miracle by KAREN S. CHOWAmie has spent her life perfectly in tune with Ba-ba, her father, especially since she plays the violin, his favorite instrument. But after Ba-ba dies, Amie feels distanced from everyone close to her, like her mother and her best friends. More devastating still, she loses her ability to play the violin. Will Amie ever find her way back to the music she once loved? 

Thursday, March 14th at 6PM ET at Our 17th St Store!

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