Double Launch Event

Double Launch Event

March 7th at 6PM ET
17th Street Location

 Heartwarming Tales to Enjoy!

These new picture books are full of sweet stories and beautiful illustrations, and are perfect for readers that love music and dogs (because who doesn't?)!

Join us in-store to discover:

  • Piano Wants to Play by COLLEEN KONG SAVAGEMaking beautiful music takes time, and as Amy grows she has less time to play with Piano, until one day, she disappears entirely, leaving Piano abandoned and lonely. Longing to sing but growing less hopeful for Amy’s return, Piano fears the worst when moved to a strange new home. But this new home, Piano finds, is a school, and Amy is now a music teacher. Following a surprise reunion that is sure to delight young readers, they share the joy of music with the next generation!

  • This Wolf Was Different by KATIE SLIVENSKY and illustrated by HANNAH SALYERLong ago, a wolf pup was born in a forest. But this wolf was different. She liked staying close to the den instead of hunting and chasing her tail instead of chasing other animals. She wished she were more like her siblings — more like a real wolf. Then she meets a new kind of creature, no more like the other wolves than she is. As a new friendship blossoms, the wolf discovers that it’s okay to be different and, better yet, it’s a gift to be something new.

Thursday, March 7th at 6PM ET at Our 17th St Store!

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