YA Mysteries, Thrillers, & Suspense

YA Mysteries, Thrillers, & Suspense

August 24th at 6PM EST

Titles to Thrill and Chill You! 

What would you do if your uncle died and you're the only one who knows he was murdered? Or you were suspected of murder, but couldn't prove your innocence? Or, you don't know that you're in a cult, but once one of your best friends goes missing, you start to question everything? Tune in to hear more about these thrilling tales!


  • Manslaughter Park by TIRZAH PRICE. Jane Austen’s classic novel Mansfield Park receives a murder mystery makeover! Art enthusiast Fanny must uncover her uncle's true killer and clear the name of her secret crush, Edmund. But when Fanny finds evidence of foul play by someone close to home, Edmund urges Fanny to keep quiet for her own protection. Determined to uncover the truth, Fanny digs in and uncovers blackmail, while mingling with London’s high society. But a surprising twist of fate brings Fanny more complications than she ever expected, and a life-altering realization she never saw coming.

  • I Am Not Alone by FRANCISCO X. STORK. Alberto is an undocumented immigrant from Mexico living with his sister's abusive boyfriend, and hearing voices that are pushing him to achieve more, no matter the cost. Grace has a supportive boyfriend, is on track to be valedictorian and go to the college of her dreams. Still, nothing feels right any more after her parents' divorce. When Alberto and Grace meet, they have an immediate connection. But then Alberto becomes a suspect of a terrible crime, and with his developing schizophrenia, he's not even sure he believes in his own innocence. Can Grace find a way to prove Alberto's innocence to himself and the world?

  • Wolfpack by AMELIA BRUNSKILLNine girls bound together in beautiful, virtuous Havenwood, a refuge from an unsafe world... Then there are eight, one having departed with no warning. Did this member of their pack stray willingly, or did something more sinister occur? The girls seek answers, not knowing if they should be angry or frightened, but perhaps, they should be both.

Thursday, August 24th at 6PM EST via Crowdcast!

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