Thrilling Middle Grade Reads

Thrilling Middle Grade Reads

August 19th at 4PM EST
17th Street Location

Titles Bound to Excite! 

These books are chock full of thrills, spills, and exciting chills! Join us for such adventures as a sentient sward and a lousy knight teaming up to save the world, a psychic that accidentally screws up a séance, a time-traveling middle schooler, and a mysterious collection of cassettes detailing spine-tingling stories!
Join us to discover: 
  • The Demon Sword Asperides by SARAH JEAN HORWITZ. When Nack, a talentless knight, comes across a slumbering demon sword while searching for a quest to prove his worth, the two find themselves swept up in a bigger adventure than either of them bargained for: saving the world.

  • Totally Psychic by BRIGID MARTIN. Everyone in Paloma's family is psychic, and now that she's finally come into her own powers, Paloma dreams of being a medium for celebrities like her grandma. But when a reading gone awry leaves Paloma in a sticky situation with a new friend, she’ll need more than a crystal ball to find her way out of this mess.

  • More Tales to Keep You Up at Night by DAN POBLOCKI. While visiting his injured brother in the hospital, Gilbert he sees a shadowed figure leave behind a satchel filled with old cassette tapes. Despite warnings not to lsiten to the tapes, Gilbert can't resist playing them and listening to the chilling stories they reveal. As Gilbert keeps listening, he realizes that the stories may hold the key to helping his brother. But in order to save him, Gilbert may be opening a door to something much, much worse...

  • Rewind by LISA GRAFF. McKinley looks forward to the legendary yearly party her hometown throws celebrating a different year in history, the Time Hop. It's enough to make the few things that aren’t so fantastic about her life — like her crabby homeroom teacher or her super-scheduled father — worth suffering through. While attending this year's Time Hop party, dedicated to the year 1993, McKinley finds herself in the real 1993! All McKinley wants is to return to the present, but before she can, she’s going to have to make a big change — but which change is the right one?

Saturday, August 19th at 4PM EST at Our 17th St Store!

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