Unforgettable Middle Grade Reads!

Unforgettable Middle Grade Reads!

Sunday, August 21st at 3:00PM EST

Dauntless Determination and Discovery!

Discover what's new and different in the lives of each of these poignant middle grade characters. Is it the discovery of a town's secret castle? An all-new skill you never knew you had? An arcade heist? Or even... a feral chicken at the family vacation home?!

Change usually comes with a boatload of surprises! Ranging from the sweet to the sour and the humorous to the heartfelt, these five middle grade writers deliver smart and memorable stories in equal measure.

Our event this Sunday will feature:
  • Shine On, Luz Véliz! by REBECCA BALCARCEL. Root for the story of a too-young-to-be-retired kid athlete, whose knee injury takes her off the field, and into the world of coding! Can Luz Véliz shine in this all-new exploit, prove herself to her father, her teachers, and her crush?

  • The Hike to Home by JESS RINKERLin Moser is her mother's lifelong adventure cadet! But when her mother departs for a year-long expedition — leaving Lin to suffer in boring-old New Jersey — Lin decides that she has to make her own big discovery. And as it turns out, there's a legendary lost castle that could give Lin a way to bring her Mom back — and an all-new feeling home.           

  • Lies I Tell Myself by BETH VRABEL. Raymond swears he isn't bad at making friends. He just hasn't had the time or the practice. And still, his grandparents think he's 'troubled.' Raymond sets out to prove he can ride a bike, find a pal, and swim all on his own — with the unexpected help of his Grandfather's journal, and even a terrifying chicken!

  • High Score by DESTINY HOWELL. Darius/DJ, heist-guy extraordinaire, wants to keep it low-key when he gets to a new middle school. But then his best friend Conor transfers in, and all of a sudden, Conor owes 100,000 arcade tickets to the school's bully! DJ quickly brings himself out of 'retirement' for his biggest heist yet — but this time, he'll have to rely on a trusted squad for the job!
  • Golden Girl by REEM FARUQI. Seventh grader Aafiyah is an ordinary, fun-loving middle schooler, despite a bad habit that troubles her — she's drawn to pretty things, and can't help but occasionally "borrow" them. Can Aafiyah really help her father when he's falsely accused of a crime he hasn't committed? 

Sunday, August 21st, at 3:00PM EST via Crowdcast!

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