Picture Book Bonanza!

Picture Book Bonanza!

Sunday, August 28th at 1:00PM EST

Words Mingle with Illustration, and Wonderful Picture Books Abound!

What's better for nightly story time than a picture book that truly blends the artistry of words and illustration?

From a remarkable adaptation of an Alice Walker poem for children, to the flight of bees, the power of love, the beauty of one child's bindi, and the resilience of community in the wake of a hurricane, each story is a creative reflection of what it means to be a child discovering the depth of their surroundings, and themselves.

We are so excited to be in conversation with these six authors and illustrators, featuring:

  • I Love You Like Yellow, illustrated by VASHTI HARRISON! Love comes in many forms. It can feel tart as lemonade, or sweet as sugar cookies. Slow as a lazy morning, or fast as a relay race — as this charming, lyric-driven book proves love's everlasting presence in every reader's life. 

  • Pip and Zip by ELANA K. ARNOLD! Watch how a family finds two abandoned duck eggs — they're in for a big (and very cute) surprise! They read and learn and laugh and wait together until one day... Pip and Zip are born!

Sunday, August 28th at 1:00PM EST via Crowdcast!

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