Graphic Novels for Early Readers!

Graphic Novels for Early Readers!

Sunday, August 21st at 1:00PM EST

Delightful Graphic Novels for Every Young Reader!

Make your young reader's first brush with a graphic novel fun and memorable! They might encounter Frankenstein's monster... taking care of a garden!? Not to mention, a clumsy moose, in-over-his-head... that's actually a secret agent! And they absolutely have to meet a peach and a plum... who happen to be the very best of pals!

Meet the most lovable creatures around, and the authors who invented them in this great early reader graphic novel panel!
  • Operation Owl by MO O'HARA. Strange flash floods are making waves (and headlines) all over the Big Forest. Join Agent Moose and his sidekick Owlfred as they embark on a swampy rescue mission to save Madame HQ from a dastardly villain!
  • Frankenstein Doesn't Plant Petunias by MARCIA THORNTON JONES. The Bailey School Kids are back! This time they're taking a field trip to a science museum, where they meet Dr. Victor and his hulking assistant, Frank. They all remember the story of Frankenstein's fearsome creations — but can they really call this gentle giant a monster?
  • Peach and Plum: Here We Come! by TIM McCANNA. Welcome to Fruitdale! School is out and work is done. Which means it's time for Peach and Plum to enjoy their ever-so-sweet summer fun extravaganzas! (Though they do need to finish their chores first).
  • Stick and Stone Explore and More! illustrated by KRISTEN CELLAJoin Stick and Stone as they get swept up in scavenger hunt! Then, accompany them on their campfire shenanigans. Interactive activities will make your young reader feel like they're part of the action!

  • Geraldine Pu and Her Lucky Pencil, Too! by MAGGIE P. CHANGGeraldine Pu loves to write stories with her lucky pencil, Chienbee. But sharing her tales with her classmates, out-loud, all by herself? That's a whole different story! Lucky for Geraldine, bravery runs in the family. 

Sunday, August 21st at 1:00PM EST via Crowdcast!


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