Meet R.L. Stine and Marc Brown!

Meet R.L. Stine and Marc Brown!

October 1st at 12PM EST
17th Street Location

Join Us at Books of Wonder to Meet Two Iconic Authors!

In celebration of their newest title, Why Did the Monster Cross the Road?, beloved, bestselling children's book icons R.L. STINE, creator of the Goosebumps series, and MARC BROWN, creator of the Arthur Adventure series, will be at Books of Wonder to share this silly and sweet picture book! Filled with hilariously spooky jokes and fun-loving monsters, this storybook will have everyone giggling! 

Why did the monster cross the road?

To BITE someone on the other side!

Turn scary to silly with this laugh-out-loud joke book. Hunny and Funny are monster best friends. When Hunny is feeling sad, Funny knows exactly how to cheer up his friend… with laughter!

Renowned bestselling children's book talents R.L. STINE and MARC BROWN join forces once again in this sweet, fun-filled story that not only teaches readers hilarious jokes to share but also reminds children that laughter is the best medicine when you're feeling down!

*One book may be brought from home to be signed for every book purchased at the event.

Sunday, October 1st at 12PM EST at Our 17th St Store

For all Books of Wonder events, we expect all participants to maintain a family friendly atmosphere, inclusive of respect and fairness. Anyone who violates this standard of behavior, including engaging in any form of harassment, inappropriate language, or disruptive conduct, will, at our discretion, be immediately removed.