Fantastic Middle Grade Reads!

Fantastic Middle Grade Reads!

August 26th at 4PM EST

Dragons, Witches and Breathless Adventure!

Sometimes saving your people from danger involves escaping from a magical apprenticeship, other times it means riding a dragon to triumph. Either way, it will lead to some truly captivating adventures!

Tune in to discover: 

  • The Great Texas Dragon Race by KACY RITTER. 13-year-old Cassidy Drake wants nothing more than to race with her best dragon, Ranga, in the annual Great Texas Dragon Race. Her mother was a racing legacy, and growing up on her family's dragon sanctuary ranch, Cassidy lives and breathes dragons. Cassidy is so determined to race that she sneaks out of her house against her father's wishes and enters the competition. Soon Cassidy takes to the skies with Ranga across her glorious Lone Star State. But with five grueling tasks ahead of her, dangerous dragon challenges waiting at each one, and more enemies than allies on the course, Cassidy will need to know more than just dragons to survive. 

  • Abeni's Song by P. DJÈLÍ CLARK. On the day of the spirits festival, the old woman who lives in the forest appears in Abeni's village with a terrible message: "You ignored my warnings. It’s too late to run. They are coming." The old woman hasn't come to save them, only to collect one child as payment for her years of service and protection. When warriors with burning blades storm the village, everyone Abeni has ever known and loved is captured. But not Abeni. Abeni escapes the warriors in the clutches of the old woman, magically whisked into the forest away from all she’s ever known. And there she begins her unwanted magical apprenticeship, her journey to escape the witch, and her impossible mission to bring her people home.

Saturday, August 26th at 4PM EST via Crowdcast!

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