The Monster Job


Author: Faith Teope


Illustrator: Peili Huang

*Signed Bookplate*

It's a Monster-Level Responsibility!

The four sibling monsters Li-Li, Zelly, Vän-Vän, and Mew-Meware all so different, but they share the same dream: to get a family puppy. No, they need a puppy! Mom knows puppies are a lot of work, so she feels a little hesitant. 

When the kids concoct a plan to show Mom they can handle a puppy, they learn that they don’t always feel the same excitement about work. With the help of a few guiding moments and creativity, the siblings discover clever strategies that help them get what they truly want. 

The Monster Job by debut author Faith Teope is a children’s book that showcases early financial literacy concepts of value, consistency, habits, intentionality, and goal setting so that each child can learn how to harness intrinsic motivation to earn their own dream.