March Picture Book Fun

March Picture Book Fun

March 2nd at 1PM ET

 These New Picture Books Are Bound to Be Bunches of Fun!

From a fabulous celebration of all the holidays of the year, to a monster that is very certainly not eating the kids on the playground, to a silly misunderstanding about a delicious treat, to a girl going after her baseball dreams, these tales are sure to have you giggling!

Tune in to discover:

  • Holidays All Year with Pomp, Snow, and Cirqueumstance by NEIL GOLDBERG. As December ends, best friends POMP, SNOW, and CIRQUEumstance wrap up Christmas and prepare for more holidays around the world. They study the calendar and set out to brighten holidays all year. When their gifts don't match each day quite right, there's only one sprite who can help: FESTINA! She rewinds time so the trio can celebrate each holiday's traditions with the special care they deserve!

  • I Do Not Eat Children by MARCUS CUTLERA big orange creature lurks in a crowded playground... but don't worry! He would never eat a child. Kids are definitely not disappearing every time you turn a page. You're imagining things... 

  • Kadooboo!: A Silly South Indian Folktale by SHRUTHI RAOAs soon as it’s ready, Kabir runs home with some to share. But wait... can he remember the treat’s name? (His Amma is sure to ask!) Of course he can! That is, if fun and friends aren’t too distracting along the way... As Kabir makes his way home, the sights and sounds of the street and interactions with friends start to jumble his memory. Could he possibly remember the right name?

  • Smarty Marty Takes the Field by AMY GUTIERREZ & illustrated by ANIKA ORROCK. Marty already proved her baseball chops, and so this time she's making a play for manager, something no girl has ever done in her town’s Little League history! Unfortunately, not everyone thinks she can do it, but a chance encounter with a very special trailblazer gives her the courage to turn her fear into opportunity.

Saturday, March 2nd at 1PM ET via Crowdcast!

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