Fantastic Middle Grade Reads

Fantastic Middle Grade Reads

March 9th at 4PM ET

Tales of Magic and Mischief!

Hunts for mythical beasts, battles with evil witches, and the fight to save their worlds are just a few of the epic happenings you'll discover in these terrific tales!

Tune in for: 

  • The Night Compass (Wilderlore #4) by AMANDA FOODY. The Lore Keepers must undertake a desperate mission: find Navrashtya, the Legendary Beast of the Tundra, before the villainous Audrian Keyes does, no matter the cost. But the uncharted regions of the Tundra hold countless dangers, and  with Barclay along, his power might very well save the mission — or doom it.

  • Cece Rios and the Queen of Brujas by KAELA RIVERACece Rios and her friends have escaped Devil’s Alley, but the fight to save their world is just beginning. Then her evil aunt, Catrina, seizes the throne of Devil’s Alley and sets her sights on the living world. Will Cece be able to take down her vicious tía before she destroys everything Cece has fought so hard to protect?

  • The Unicorn Legacy: Tangled Magic by KAMILLA BENKO. After hundreds of years, the unicorns have finally returned to Arden! But rumors spread of dark magic and of unicorns disappearing, and twelve-year-old apprentice Olivia is caught between her joy at newfound magical abilities and proving to everyone that her older sister is NOT a unicorn poacher. She must untangle the truth — or else the unicorns of Arden may be lost forever. 

Saturday, March 9th at 4PM ET via Crowdcast!

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