June Picture Book Bonanza

June Picture Book Bonanza

June 10th at 1PM EST

Discover New, Essential Picture Books! 

Be sure to tune in with your young readers for this picture book bonanza, showcasing some wonderful new picture books you'll want to add to your collection! From otters who lose their cool, to a cavalry of eccentric aunts, to friendly woodland critters, to snails out for justice, to an exTREEme game of pretend, there's a picture book for every eager reader. 

Join us to delve into:

  • The Ottersons' Eruption by DR. DONNA HOUSMAN. While shopping, Hemmy and Daddy disagree about buying a new snack, and BOOM!, emotions erupt right in the grocery aisle. Can Daddy keep his cool while Hemmy loses his? This book invites children to solve our prickly-feeling problems together!
  • Oh No, the Aunts are Here by ADAM REX. They've traveled on planes, in taxis, and across state lines — who are they? IT'S THE AUNTS! This hilarious (and relatable) picture book shows one girl's experience with her over-enthusiastic and overwhelming relations. Will she be able to survive this family reunion? 
  • I'm Sticking With You — And the Chicken Too! by SMRITI PRASADAM-HALLS. Bear and Squirrel are the best of friends and perfectly in tune, but is there any room for Chicken? Fed up of not fitting in, Chicken leaves — and lands herself in hot water! Will Bear and Squirrel come to the rescue? 
  • Sorry, Snail by TRACY SUBISAK. When Ari unfairly unleashes her bad temper on an innocent snail, the snail demands an apology! Ari gives one —  but halfheartedly. Determined to elicit a most genuine apology from Ari, Ms. Snail starts appearing in every corner of her life!

  • My Dad is a Tree by JON AGEE. A dad and daughter take pretending to an adorable extreme in this funny book that's perfect for Father's Day. Meet a little girl who persuades her father to be a tree all day long, no matter what, even in the rain! This silly and sweet picture book will inspire all kinds of imaginative play and is a tribute to parents who will do just about anything for their kids.

Saturday, June 10th at 1:00PM EST via Crowdcast.

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