YA Pride and Romance!

YA Pride and Romance!

June 8th at 6PM EST

These Titles Are Queer and Oh-So Dear!

These queer romances will certainly sweep you off your feet, just in time for Pride! From magical affairs to summer time romances, or hidden kisses and feelings kept secret, there is something for everyone to blush about! 

You won't want to miss: 

  • The Alchemy of Moonlight by DAVID FERRARO. When Emile runs away to hide as a servant in Count Montoni’s mansion, he tends to the family who all suffer a strange affliction on the full moon alongside the family doctor. Before Emile can sort out his affections for the doctor, the mysterious nephew, or unravel the Montoni family mystery, his own family comes to collect him. When they arrive, everyone is forced into a remote castle, with no chance of escape. Emile soon realizes that he will have to risk his life to find the love he deserves — and survive the Montoni family.

  • I Like Me Better by ROBBY WEBER. When soccer-star Zack Martin takes one for the team after the soccer captain's prank went wrong, he finds himself trading parties and beach days for community service at a seaside conservation center. But thanks to his new reputation, the cute intern, Chip, won’t even give him a shot. Still, Zack finds himself falling for Chip, which means he suddenly has way more on the line than he ever expected.

  • The Secret Summer Promise by KEAH BROWNAndrea has got this. The Best Summer Ever. Last summer, she spent all her time in bed, recovering from the latest surgery for her cerebral palsy. She’s waited too long for adventure and thrills to enter her life. Together with her crew of ride-or-die friends, and the best parents anyone could ask for, she’s going to live it up. The only thing that could ruin it is her best friend finding out Andrea’s true feelings. So Andrea is determined to fall out of love with her! Do we want Andrea to succeed? No! Does she? We’re not telling!

  • 6 Times We Almost Kissed (And One Time We Did) by TESS SHARPE. After years of bickering, Penny and Tate have to play nice. Their mothers need them to be perfect, drama-free daughters when Penny’s mother becomes a living liver donor to Tate’s mom. Forced to live together as the Moms recover, the girls’ truce is essential in keeping everything running smoothly. There’s one little hitch: Penny and Tate keep almost kissing. They’ve never talked about it. But now they’re living across the hall from each other. And some things can’t be almosts forever. 
  • No Boy Summer by AMY SPALDING. Lydia and her sister Penny have made a pact to avoid boy drama for the summer — but when Lydia starts falling for aspiring filmmaker Fran, she starts looking for loopholes. After all, the pact didn't include girls and Penny wouldn't mind... right?

Thursday, June 8th at 6PM EST via Crowdcast

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