Ottersons' Eruption


Author: Dr Donna Housman


Illustrator: Renee Andriani


In The Ottersons' Eruption, an ECSELent Adventures story, Hemmy feels left out when Daddy invites Shemmy to go to the store but not him.

While shopping, Hemmy and Daddy disagree about buying a tasty new snack, and Boom!, emotions erupt right in the aisle. Can Daddy keep his cool while Hemmy loses his? Learn, grow, and develop alongside Hemmy and the Ottersons as they tackle explosive emotions, learn what sadness and anger truly mean, and discover ways to keep their feelings from bubbling over like a volcano!

Hemmy and Daddy invite children to join them in recognizing and managing their own emotions and those of others, all the while growing closer, understanding one another better, and solving their prickly-feeling problems together.