Great Picture Books to Share!

Great Picture Books to Share!

April 8th at 1PM

Come Together to Enjoy These Lovely Titles! 

Join Books of Wonder in sharing these comforting titles featuring a sleepy little rocket being lulled to bed, then a sweet story of a little girl fantasizing about a new place of her own, but deciding that home is where she really belongs, then spend some time following a lovely day in the life of an Afghan refugee child, and then a sweet homage to the land that we live on!

Come check out: 

  • Hush, Little Rocket by MO O'HARA. At the end of a very long day of soaring around the galaxy, send your little rocket to sleep with this celestial lullaby sung to the tune of “Hush, Little Baby.” Starting at the long, yellow flares of the sun and coming home to a launchpad on Neptune’s largest moon, this gentle bedtime flight will introduce readers to the solar system while lulling them into a slumber full of cosmic dreams.  Perfect for tiny astronauts!

  • The Train Home by DAN-AH KIMNari lives in a rowdy home in a crowded city. She sometimes wishes she lived somewhere else, somewhere quiet that she has all to herself. So when a train rumbles by her window, Nari goes on a journey to find her dream home. Could it be in a vibrant garden? A colorful coral reef under the sea? Even up among the stars? Hmmm... what if those places are too quiet, or so beautiful she wants to share them? Maybe the train can take her back home, where she truly belongs.

  • Little Land by DIANA SUDYKA. Do you know a little bit of land? It could be smaller than you expect. But its importance is bigger than you know. A breathtaking exploration of the connections between life and land central to the past, present, and future of our planet, Little Land invites young readers to think about ways in which they engage with the environment in their own lives. 

  • The Carpet

    : An Afghan Family Story

      by DEZH AZAAD and illustrated by NAN CAO. This poignant story follows a day in the life of an Afghan refugee child, where every moment revolves around love, family, and the carpet that connects them to home. The carpet is the centerpiece of family life, where meals, stories, laughs, and memories are shared. This moving story, inspired by the author’s life, celebrates what makes a home — no matter where you are.

Saturday, April 8th at 1PM via Crowdcast

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