Can't Get Enough! Great Middle Grade Fantasy Series

Can't Get Enough! Great Middle Grade Fantasy Series

April 8th at 3PM

Race to Read These Thrilling Books! 

These three terrific titles that are sure to have you and your young readers on the edge of your seats! 

You won't want to miss:

  • The Doomfire Secret by ANNALIESE AVERY. After being killed, stabbed by the Dark Dragon, and then rebirthed, Paisley is offered a new path in life. Wary of this offer, she instead decides to embark on a treacherous journey to the icy Northern realms and rescue the brother that was stolen by vicious dragon riders when she died. Will she be able to save him and find her own way?

  • Pilar Ramirez and the Curse of San Zenon by JULIAN RANDALL.

    When Pilar and her family are invited on a trip to Santo Domingo, she welcomes the distraction and the chance to see the Dominican Republic for the first time. But when a close friend appears in the DR searching for help, Pilar is soon on the hunt for an escaped demon and his mysterious new ally. Now, with a cursed storm gathering over the island, Pilar will have to harness her bruja powers if she has any hope of saving her own world, Zafa, and her family before the clock runs out.

  • Unspoken Magic by EMILY LLOYD-JONES. When Fin and her friends find a baby bigfoot who’s been separated from her pack, they make it their mission to reunite her with her family. Then a film crew shows up, intending to debunk their mythical town, Aldermere, on their web show about strange and magical legends. Will Fin and her friends be able to rescue the little bigfoot and save the reputation of their beloved town? 

Saturday, April 8th at 3PM via Crowdcast!

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