Fascinating Non-Fiction Picture Books

Fascinating Non-Fiction Picture Books

April 16th at 1PM
17th Street Location

 Explore the World with These Intriguing New Titles!

Ever wondered how Earth Day got started, or how famous cave art came to be? What about the Mars Rover, or the history of Babe Ruth? Did you know that Marie Curie had a sister? All these questions and more will be answered in this fascinating picture book panel! 

Tune in to discover: 

  • The Day the River Caught Fire: How the Cuyahoga River Exploded and Ignited the Earth Day Movement by BARRY WITTENSTEIN. After the Industrial Revolution in the 1880s, waste dumping in the Cayuhoga River in Cleveland, Ohio caused fires so often that local politicians and media didn’t pay them any mind. But when the river ignited again in June 1969, the national media picked up on the story as part of the recent environmental movement. A year later, the Environmental Protection Agency was created and the first Earth Day was celebrated!

  • Ancestory: The Mystery and Majesty of Ancient Cave Art by HANNAH SALYER.  Around the world, our ancient ancestors’ mysterious art is left behind on cave walls, in rain forests, and with ink made from charcoal and crushed clay. These people told their stories in magnificent drawings that still speak to us today, echoing across generations. Who created ancient wall art that’s been discovered around the world, and why? The exact answers may be out-of-reach, but the investigation is half the fun.

  • Hello, Opportunity: The Story of Our Friend on Mars by SHAELYN MCDANIELHumans have made amazing leaps and bounds in space travel, and then we set our sights on a little red planet, so far out we couldn’t go ourselves. Instead, we sent a friend. We named her Opportunity, and she explored the mysterious terrain of Mars, gathering samples, snapping photos, and discovering vast craters! Until one day, a storm came, and it was time to say goodbye…for now. 

  • The House That Ruth Built by KELLY BENNETTOn April 18, 1923, the New York Yankees played against the Boston Red Sox in their very first game in the brand-new Yankee Stadium. With beautiful, true-to-event illustrations reminiscent of Norman Rockwell, and with facts on every page about the stadium, the teams, and that very first fateful game that christened the original Yankee Stadium, The House That Ruth Built is the perfect book for kids and baseball fans everywhere!

  • Sisters in Science: Marie Curie, Bronia Dluska, and the Atomic Power of Sisterhood by LINDA ELOVITZ MARSHALLMarie Curie has long been a well-known name around the world. Though Marie made extraordinary scientific advances discovering new elements with her husband, Pierre, many students do not know about the powerful bond that propelled her into science: her sisterhood with Bronia! A force in academia and health care herself, Bronia made significant contributions to the scientific world, along with her loving support of sister Marie. 

Sunday, April 16th at 1PM at Our 17th St Location! 

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