The World Divided by Piper


Author: Caela Carter


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Critically acclaimed author Caela Carter tackles puberty, sexism, and more in her sixth middle grade stand-alone novel, a poignant and bighearted story perfect for fans of Alyson Gerber and Rebecca Stead.

In this latest novel from acclaimed house author Caela Carter, eleven-year-old Piper Franklin is way too busy to grow up. She’s in a gifted and talented program, she has a chance to win the state-wide academic decathlon with her best friend, and she has a new baby sister that keeps her mom completely preoccupied. There isn’t enough time in the day for Piper to think about anything else!

But unlike other kids, Piper was diagnosed with early-onset puberty and has been taking shots to keep it at bay since she was six. So, when her doctor decides it’s time for her treatment to end, Piper’s eyes are opened to a completely new world. Between her older sister’s painful periods and her mom’s struggle to find balance in a world that’s not built for women, Piper is getting a very clear picture of her future…and she’s not sure she likes it.

Piper doesn’t feel like she can tell anyone about her worries, even though inside, it seems like her world has been divided into pieces. How is she supposed to balance the new experiences of puberty, studying for the decathlon, and growing up? Maybe, with a little friendship and a lot of female solidarity, Piper will be able to bring her world back together.