Best Wishes


Author: Sarah Mlynowski


while supplies last!*

Created by Sarah Mlynowski, the bestselling author behind Whatever After and Upside-Down Magic, this magical new series is Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants for a new generation of young readers!

When Becca’s best friend, Hailey, says she doesn't want to be friends anymore, Becca is devastated. But then Becca receives a mysterious package in the mail with a beautiful bracelet and a note that tells her to make a wish. So Becca puts on the bracelet — why not, right? — and wishes to have friends. Lots of friends. So many friends.

And just like that, the magic works. Suddenly, EVERYONE wants to be Becca’s BFF, from all the kids at school to the teachers (!) to Becca’s own mom (!!). At first, Becca loves her newfound popularity, but things quickly spin out of control. As thousands of text messages pour in and the lunch lady sobs because she thinks Becca snubbed her, Becca starts to wonder: Is this wish a curse?

Brimming with humor, heart, and adventure, this brand-new series created by the beloved, bestselling author of Whatever After, will grant everyone's wish for an irresistible, magical read!

And look out for Books 2 and 3, where the magical bracelet gets mailed on to new girls with new wishes (with each book co-written by Sarah Mlynowski and a different author!)