Hello, Opportunity: The Story of Our Friend on Mars


Author: Shaelyn McDaniel


Illustrator: Cornelia Li

*Signed Copies*

The true and incredible STEM success story of a beloved Mars rover will excite, inspire, and take kids where no human has set foot before.

Humans wanted to soar through the sky, and we did. We wanted to go to the moon, and we did. Then we set our sights on a little red planet, so far out we couldn’t go ourselves. Instead, we sent a friend. We named her Opportunity because it means “a good chance” and feels like hope.

With nine eyes, three ears, one arm, and six wheels, Oppy explored the mysterious terrain of Mars, gathering samples, snapping photos, and discovering vast craters. Everywhere held new and exciting surprises!

Until one day, a storm came, and it was time to say goodbye…for now. We still hope Oppy may wake up someday.

Kids will be amazed by Opportunity’s groundbreaking Mars mission as they see the red planet through her eyes, and the eyes of the scientists who loved her.