Fantastic Middle Grade Reads

Fantastic Middle Grade Reads

July 29th at 4PM EST

Tween Witches, Transformations, Teleportation, Oh My! 

These spunky middle grade titles are sure to humor and delight! With tween witches, global teleportation races, cat transformations, speaking ships, and flying horses, what's not to like?

Join us to discover:

  • Lexi Magill and the Teleportation Tournament by KIM LONG. Twelve-year-old physics whiz Lexi won't let anything stop her from winning Wisconsin's Teleportation Tournament — the annual competition where teams teleport around the world to solve science-based puzzles. But when Lexi's two teammates start to play saboteur, Lexi wonders what she's gotten herself into. Struggling to keep her team under control as the race rages on, Lexi must decide how far she's willing to go to win.

  • Wildseed Witch #2: Charmed Life by MARTI DUMASAfter a summer of being the worst witch at a fancy witch school, Hasani can’t wait to get back to the peace and normalcy of Riverbend Middle. But when her former friend (and fellow witch) LaToya shows up, strange things begin happening around the school. Hasani is sure LaToya is to blame. Hasani sets out to prove it, but in all her focus on proving she’s right, is she losing sight of the people and things that are most important to her? 

  • Don't Trust the Cat by KRISTEN TRACY. Fifth-grader Poppy is a goody-two-shoes and gets made fun of for it a lot. After being bullied by her friends, Poppy makes a wish to be happy. And it comes true in the weirdest way possible... she wakes up in the body of her cat, Mitten Man! Mayhem ensues as Poppy-the-girl attempts to navigate the wilds of the wilderness as a cat . . . and her free-thinking, groundbreaking kitty takes on middle school.
  • Starboard by NICOLA SKINNER. Reality TV star Kirsten is too famous to have friends... at least that's what she tells herself. Strung along on a class trip to the SS Great Britain, Kirsten's life only gets weirder when the ship starts talking to her   and she wants Kirsten to be her new captain. Suddenly, the ship pulls out of the harbor and into sea with Kirsten and her class still on board! Can Kirsten fulfill the ship's last wish and steer her class to safety, too?
  • The Chaos Monster (Secrets of the Sky #1) by SAYANTANI DASGUPTA. When their pet dog suddenly disappears, it's up to siblings Kinjal and Kiya to save him! They just didn't expect two enormous flying horses to appear and whisk them away to the fantastical world of Sky Kingdom. Now, in order to save their beloved dog, these twins must also get to the bottom of a nefarious plot seeking to destroy the bees of this magical realm. Will they be able to solve it and go back to their home world?

Saturday, July 29th at 4PM EST via Crowdcast

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