Picture Books to Explore

Picture Books to Explore

July 29th at 1PM EST

Joyous Picture Books to Make You Smile! 

This picture book panel features titles to share with your young readers to inspire confidence and bring a smile to their faces!

Tune in for: 

  • The Invisible String Backpack by PATRICE KARSTIt’s Mila’s first day of school, but mixed with excitement is worry. With a little advice from her brother, she learns that she has everything she needs right in her Invisible Backpack: an Invisible Microphone to help her find her voice, an Invisible Flashlight for when she’s feeling lost, and much more. The Invisible String is the very first thing that she puts in her pack — and each time she uses it, it gets bigger and better.

  • What If I'm Not a Cat? by KARI-LYNN WINTERS. Why, of course Donkey's a cat. He licks his fur, pounces and perches in high places, just like the other cats on the farm. Though, sometimes, he does feel... a little off. So, when Farmer says to him, “Donkey, you're acting like a cat!” it gets him thinking. What if he's not a cat? And if not, then what is he? 

  • The Red Jacket by BOB HOLT. Bob loves his red jacket, it makes him feel swanky cool. Plus, it makes other seagulls notice him and even speak to him! But when a wave washes it away, will Bob lose his cool and his newfound friends, too?
  • Bing! Bang! Chugga! Beep! by NATHALIE BEAUVOIS. Come along for bumpy, exhilarating ride from the backyard to the sky! This rhyming, singsong story features a beloved old car and a young boy who realize they can bing! bang! chugga! beep! their way to wherever they set their hearts to. 

Saturday, July 29th at 1PM EST via Crowdcast!

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