Author: Nicola Skinner


*Signed Bookplate*

Fans of Anne Ursu and Dan Gemeinhart will love this next quirky middle grade by Storm author Nicola Skinner, about a girl who has let fame go to her head, and the adventure at sea that she never asked for.

Kirsten Bramble is too famous to have friends. That’s what she tells herself, anyway—but with the end of her hit reality TV show barreling toward her, Kirsten’s not sure she’s ready to say goodbye to her lonely life of fame.

Luckily—or unluckily—Kirsten can’t help being plunged headfirst into a new adventure when she’s dragged on a class trip to visit the SS Great Britain. Because somehow, the ancient ship can speak to her—and she wants Kirsten to be her new captain.

The ship pulls out of the harbor with no sails and no working engine, and Kirsten and Olive—the only other student left on board—are helpless to stop her. Try as they might, they can’t convince the ship to turn back until they find a way to help her finish her final quest.

Kirsten doesn’t feel like a captain—but along the way, she may just realize that the ending of an adventure, while scary, can be just as special as the beginning.

Nicola Skinner's inventive, funny, surprising prose once again tells an honest story of big emotions, making Starboard the perfect follow-up to the critically acclaimed Storm.