Piano Wants to Play


Author: Colleen Kong-Savage


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Lyrical text and whimsical collage illustrations evoke the magic and joy of music in this story about the enduring bond between a piano and a young musician.

Piano and Amy share a special bond. Piano loves to play music with Amy. And Amy loves Piano, too.

“Play me, Amy! Play me!” Piano calls. And they do. Every day they play and practice, testing notes and strengthening fingers. From notes to scales to warm, rippling melodies, together they make a joyful noise.

Making beautiful music takes time, and as Amy grows she has less time to play with Piano, until one day, she disappears entirely, leaving Piano abandoned and lonely. Longing to sing but growing less hopeful for Amy’s return, Piano fears the worst when moved to a strange new home. But this new home, Piano finds, is a school, and Amy is now a music teacher. Following a surprise reunion that is sure to delight young readers, they share the joy of music with the next generation.

With its portrayal of the lasting connection between instrument and musician, this heartfelt story will bring joy to the huge audience of young piano players and all who have known the uplifting power of music, highlighting the ways music brings us together and composes bonds that, like timeless melodies, endure and evolve.