Diverse Voices in YA

Diverse Voices in YA

June 27th at 6PM ET

Powerful New YA Novels!

Gripping, moving, and un-put-downable, these new novels showcase diverse voices in contemporary YA you won't want to miss. In this virtual panel, we'll peek into the lives of protagonists at life-altering crossroads: best friends Kylie and Naomi who are torn apart by a racially charged police call, Leene and Khadija who become unlikely friends, Gary who wants to finally achieve popularity by befriending the most beautiful girl in school, and two sisters who butt heads over their differences and a mysterious crime. 

  • This Town is On Fire by PAMELA N. HARRIS. Kylie's family is white and privileged and Naomi's family is Black and has to work to make ends meet — but they're best friends who trust each other implicitly... until a video of Kylie calling the cops on two Black teens in a Target parking lot goes viral. Then everything, including their friendship, goes up in flames.

  • Gloria Buenrostro is Not My Girlfriend by BRANDON HOANG. As an Asian American kid, Gary feels invisible. So when he's offered a shot to join the popular circle, Gary jumps at the chance. All he needs to do is acquire a prized possession from Gloria Buenrostro, the beautiful and mysterious girl at school. But as friendship grows between him and Gloria... is tricking her worth it?
  • The Shadow Sister by LILY MEADE. Sisters Casey and Sutton love — and hate — each other. When Sutton goes missing... then returns, Casey soon realizes that her "perfect" sister isn't the same. The more Casey starts uncovering her sister’s secrets, the more questions she has. Did she really know her sister? Why is no one talking about the other girls who have gone missing in their area? And what will it take to uncover the truth?

  • The Next New Syrian Girl by REAM SHUKAIRY. When an unlikely friendship blooms between two very different Syrian girls, it forces each of them to explore the pressures and expectations of being the perfect Syrian daughter, and the repercussions of the Syrian Revolution both at home and abroad.

Tuesday, June 27th at 6:00PM EST via Crowdcast!

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