This Town Is on Fire


Author: Pamela N. Harris


*Signed Bookplate*

From the critically acclaimed author of When You Look Like Us comes a page-turning YA contemporary novel about what happens when the latest “Becky” on the internet is your best friend. Sits perfectly on shelves next to I’m Not Dying with You Tonight and The Black Kids!

A lot of things are in flux in Naomi’s life—her mom’s new job, her decision to try out for the varsity cheer squad, even the new hairstyle she decided to debut the first day of her senior year. But she knows her best friend, Kylie, has got her back through it all. Since Naomi’s mom was Kylie’s nanny, she and Kylie grew up together practically inseparable —even though Kylie’s family is white and privileged, while Naomi’s family is Black and has to work to make ends meet.

But when a video of Kylie calling the police on two Black teens in a Target parking lot goes viral, Naomi is left shaken, and her town is reeling from the publicity. As much as she tries to justify Kylie’s actions, the evidence is mounting against the girl she’s known her entire life. Naomi tries to reckon with Kylie and her family, the questions from other Black kids at school, and her own missteps in the video’s aftermath. But what happens when the tension reaches a boiling point, and Naomi is caught in the center of the blast?